Organized Chaos

Push, push, push-allow your speed to dictate your line. Use your senses to detect when your tires are on the edge of traction. To be fast, you must learn to trust your senses and not let your head take you out of the race. Agitation is your enemy and technique is your friend.  The value of a focused mind is worth a few hidden seconds shaved off lap times so a driver must stay focused on their personal performance and understand it is possible to recover from a mistake when making one. 
Focusing solely on going fast can make you slower. This scenario is harsh reality for rookies and drivers moving to a new, unfamiliar class. A driver may comes off the track to inform their coach that they felt faster only to be contradicted by diagnostics showing otherwise. This is when a driver must come to terms that, just like love and hate, there is a thin line between driving style and insanity. Making a ton of mistakes and walking away with a win is possible for those who are adept at recovering from sloppy performances. On the contrary—a driver who consistently hits their marks and drives smooth without jerking the wheel, while proactively maintaining their cool to temper agitation will produce better lap times and will likely have a more successful on track presence.

A great performance can be hindered by looking behind you. Looking behind you signals to other drivers that you are unsure of yourself, not confident, which in turn allows other drivers a chance to steal your line. It also forces you to reboot your drive, hinders your hustle, and causes you to lose focus. Looking forward and through the turns is a very simple but effective technique for lowering lap times and keeping your coach off your back. You will also be able to identify most passing points.

When looking ahead, you should be looking beyond your braking point to find your apex. Once you begin to approach the apex, it's now time to find your exit point which is accomplished by following where you look, a simple technique that's mastered by turning your head. Practice these techniques and you will assuredly recognize higher percentage passing opportunities that will offer big gains and possibly a podium finish.